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About Hunter Psychology

Serving Clients Since 1996

Hunter Psychology was founded by clinical psychologist Dr Maryann Gauci PhD in 1998. Originally located in Maitland, then in 2013 moving to Morpeth and since 2021 now at Speers Point. 

We welcome new adult clients, including GP Referrals, DVA, self managed NDIS and private clients. 

Please phone us on 0488 669 422 to book an appointment or ask any questions.

Our normal office hours are Tuesday to Thursday 9am to 5pm or you can leave a message on or send a sms to the above number.

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Dr Maryann Gauci PhD

Serving Clients Since 1996

Dr Maryann Gauci PhD is a Clinical Psychologist with over 25 years experience who can help to guide you through life’s most complex and difficult matters. 

Since 1996, she has provided therapeutic services to those dealing with challenging life experiences. 

Tony Lawder

Business and life coach
Administration & Practice Manager

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